Let's Take This Outside

I have been really proud of myself because I can easily run 2.5 miles ... that is... on a treadmill.  After spending the entire summer running on a treadmill, I decided to take my half-marathon training outside.  Today was my long run- only 3 miles, but nevertheless long.  It's an unusually cool day in the valley - only 84 degrees.  So I decided if I am ever going to run outside, today would be the day

I hopped in my car and drove a three mile circle around the neighborhood.  During my 5 minute drive I realized this run would be a cinch - totally easy.  

Here's where the bad part comes in - I only ran one full mile.  No, it wasn't because my knees were hurting or because I had a side pain - instead, I just felt like stopping.  I just quit at the one mile mark.  My body could have kept going, but my mind was over it.  My mind is so lame - it's the thing that psychs me out when running, dieting, losing weight.  Sometimes I wonder if my brain would be better suited in the body of someone who didn't care about health.  That way it wouldn't have to go to all the trouble of psyching its body out of doing anything halfway healthy.  Ah!

Do you psych yourself out?  What are some of the tips you use to keep running... keep eating well... keep following your goals?



My husband always says that so much of exercise is mental. Yep, I psych myself out.


Music keeps me in it - so my Ipod is my running god. If I don't have music, my mind checks out like 1/2 mile in.


I totally understand...sometimes our minds just keep going..and it is SO frustrating! Especially knowing your body can do, your mind just won't.

I always listen to music when I run. I love running with my music!

also sometimes it's important to just visualize your goal. To know that you see what you desire and then CONVINCE yourself you can.

You can do it! I'm sure!


Yesterday, I got on a treadmill for the first time in... 5 years? More? I'm not a runner, at all. But yesterday I got on the treadmill and jogged for about 8 minutes - with a 1 minute warm up and 1 minute cool down. Ok, that sounds like nothing, but it was quite an accomplishment for me!

What kept me going was music and the fact that I didn't want to wuss out with my bf jogging beside me. Accountability and competitiveness.

I think that's what keeps me going, really - accountability and competitiveness. If I eat an entire pizza, I know I'll have to blog about it. I know I won't get the results I'm hoping for the next time I measure myself. I know I'll feel bloated and lethargic afterwards and I'll only have myself to blame.

It's not easy, but I know I CAN do it. I just have to remember that.


The mental game is the toughest part of the run. Sometimes when my mind is fighting me.. telling me to stop, to walk, to turn around and go home... I do an assessment of how I'm physically feeling. Do my legs feel tired? No. Do my lungs need some more air? No. Ok then, keep going!

Dr. J

Running outside is harder than on a treadmill, because a motorized mill does some of the work for you. Did you known that circumstances do not make the person, they reveal the person to themselves. If you are looking for a reason to fail, you will always find one. I've run most every day for many years. You don't think I liked it all the time do you? I just did it, and so can you if you want to.

The Binge Diary

Yes yes yes. They say to just push through it. I did that today and felt pretty good after :)

Amber Raza

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