A Milestone

This weekend I celebrated a huge milestone with my husband's sponsor.  My husband's sponsor has been off drugs and alcohol for 8 years.  The celebration was awesome.  It started at an NA (narcotics anonymous) meeting where everyone sang their praises.  Next dozens of people filled a small Mexican restaurant to celebrate his "birthday."

Since the celebration I've been thinking, I want my own celebration. I want my own "birthday."  What would it feel like to rid myself of this addiction, to be clean for eight years?  I can only imagine.  I've never gone eight years without binging.  Now is the time, today is the day. 

Starting on August 23rd, 2010 I will no longer binge.  I'm taking this one day at a time, one moment at a time.  If my husband can give up pain pills for +6 months and his sponsor can give up his drugs for 8 years then I can surely give up over-eating.


Now, to the bad news.  I gained three pounds this week.  I kind of just threw the week.  One day of binging turned into two days, two days turned into three, and before I knew it my entire week was a binge.  It was pretty upsetting.  I learned a lot though and I am ready to look forward.

As far as my goals - just know, I didn't keep one of them.
These are my goals for this week:
1. Stop obsessing about weight.  I may wait to weigh myself again until the final Summer challenge weigh in.
2. Follow the half-marathon training plan.  (one day down, just six to go)
3. Write down everything I eat
4. Don't weigh myself this week
5. Do not bingePhotobucket



I just came from another blog where the goal is a binge-free week! I need to commit too. And I have had a bad summer! All my responsibility. Time to get over it and get back on track once and for all!


That's basically what I did at the beginning, I just promised myself no more bingeing. Nothing else at first, no rules or diets to follow - just no more bingeing. Good luck, you can do it!!!


i think the hardest thing to do is control that urge to binge.. and when you finally reach that point it is very sobering.. when u realize you can live with out binging.. things change with in. I know.. I still have mini binges but i am finally shedding those too.. I got the push off the cliff this weekend ..and I realized that in 2 years I will be 50 and my health risks zoom up.. but if i bring down the risk factor then I have a better change at living a fuller healthier life. it will never be easy.. I have even contimplated doing a fasting program to give m a jump start but what frightens me about that is that we are in the food business and I am around good 24/7 that being said .. if i am on a liquid diet i can see myself reeally BINGEiNG in a bad bad way. hence i am going to work with a trainer and work at learning what my body really needs.. I think if I listen to myself I might know what to do.. we shall see. I think the hardest thing to accept is that this is forever not just whamo loss weight and you do not have to think about it ever again.. we will always have to monitor ourselves.. to lead a healthy good life..

The Binge Diary

You can do it!!!


That must have been so inspirational!

I think one really important thing is to make sure that, if you do binge (which you won't, but just saying if you do...) don't let it wreck everything. Pick yourself up and get right back on track. It's easy to let one binge lead to another (out of guilt) and another (out of feelings of failure) and after (out of feelings of despair).

With that said - You can do it. You can do it. You can do it!
Onwards and upwards. Today is a new day. And all that good stuff. ;)


I love hearing stories like that! Thanks for sharing about your husband and his sponsor.

I like what Honib said... when you realize you can survive without binging, it's a very interesting experience. Sometimes it hits me that it's so simple, like, I am not going to die if I don't gorge myself on sugar!


Yes! That's a great way to look at it! I think you'll do amazing - as it's all in the frame of mind really. :)

Food Addict

Karen - I love that!! It seems like one week binge-free would be so simple... but it's already wearing on me. One step at at time!

Carla - It's good to know it worked for you. I'm trying to make it a lifestyle change... rather than a diet TODAY or TOMORROW.

Honib - you are right on the mark. I need to get to the point where I'm not binging and I can realize it's okay to live my life without turning to food. I also need to figure out how to make this a lifestyle change. I want to live my life in a healthy way... to do that I have to start with this step, stop binging.

The Binge Diary - THANKS! I will take all of the support I can get!

Danielle - Although I don't want to binge, I do need to set up a plan for if I do. That plan can not include more binging. (That's what happened last week)

Anna - I always think about what you wrote, "it's just food." It really is just that... and I need to keep reminding myself of that.

Marbear - thanks for the support!!


I think you can do it :) It seems that I still binge now and then but what I consider a "binge" is nothing near what they used to be!


OK, we can do this. I needed to hear from others having tough weeks, so I didn't feel so exposed. No more binging. Yes, we can do this.


Oh I think this is a great idea! You can do it:)

Food Addict

Bee - You're right... what I consider a binge today is not what I considered a binge years ago. I need to keep that in perspective.

Sharon - You have been doing great. I think sometimes when we have a great week or two... we start to sabotage ourselves. All we can do now is look forward!

ModernMom - thanks for the encouragement!!


Those are great goals and I really admire you for making a commitment to your "sobriety". I will consider that comparison and I thnk it just might give me some new tools in my toolbox. Thank you!

Food Addict

Teresa - I'm glad that the comparison is giving you a new tool. It definitely meant something to me as the celebration was going on. I just thought 'what if that could be me.' My husband's sponsor is very inspiring!

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