First Comes Health

My whole life my weight loss battle has been just that - a weight loss battle.  Everything about my quest to get healthy has never had anything to do with health, but everything to do with my dress size, the pounds on the scale, and eliminating cellulite.

This week, however, all that changed.  Last week, I told you about my new goal to run a half-marathon.  This was my first week of training and it was not easy.  I ran a total of 5 1/2 (and some change in my pathetic attempt to run 3 miles).  Plus, I had 30 minutes of weight-lifting and another hour of cross-training. 

My obsessions with the scale and calories made a 180.  Instead, my thoughts were full of tips to finish my runs, plans for cross training, and stretching.

When I constantly think about the foods I should and shouldn't eat I find myself munching everything, standing in the middle of the kitchen grabbing anything from any shelf that looks half-way appetizing.  This week that didn't happen.

It was probably a mix of things keeping me out of the kitchen including that I just didn't have time!  Training takes a lot of time, so I didn't even have a moment to consider the binge walk around my kitchen.  Second - crap food doesn't sound good when you have a workout regimen to stick to.

Here's the perfect example - on date night my husband and I went to Chili's.  My go-to meal choice is the Chicken Crispers at a whopping 1290 calories.  When I sat down I thought about ordering the fried-deliciousness, but that deliciousness didn't sound delicious at all.  When I thought about it... I pictured how it would feel in my stomach - heavy, stale, sticky and ugh (yes, ugh is a verb).  Instead, I chose the Caribbean Salad with Grilled Chicken at 620 calories (that's with dressing, and I did not have the dressing).  I can honestly say, I felt like salad.  I wanted to fill myself up with fresh pineapple and romaine lettuce.  Yum.

What else can being healthy first conquer?  The scale.  As many of you know, I'm obsessed with it - weighing myself before bed, when I wake up, before and after going to the bathroom, with clothes on, without clothes on, even after blowing my nose (yeah, I know - pathetic).  This week I weighed myself once - one time people.  By the time the weekend rolled around, I was thrilled to step on the scale to 2.3 weight loss.

Everything was easier this week when I put health first.  I didn't get lost in the calorie-counting and pound obsessing and look at that - 2.3 pounds gone.  Even before the scale patted me on the back for a week well done, I felt great.. and dare I say, looked great.



I think you're absolutely right. When you think about what gives you optimum performance for athletic activities, it's not sugar, fried chicken, or any myriad of junk food. It's the basics of healthy, fulfilling foods that give you the proper fuel to finish runs. Great job!!! And how did I miss the half marathon announcement.. SO COOL!


Great job on your training and loss! That's amazing :) I agree- salad's much yummier than crispers! :)


Good for you!!!

G. Rabanon

Goon on ya taking a break from the scale! At the height of my disease I was weighing obsessively, yes, down to nose-blowing. All it did was fuel my disordered eating behaviors. For me, it CANNOT be about the weight. If it's about the weight it is DANGEROUS.


Woo hoo!

It's amazing how much can change when you're in the right frame of mind. And how so many things go hand-in-hand. Exercising leads to craving healthier, more nutritious foods and eating well leads to feeling better and more ready to exercise. It's a vicious cycle of healthy habits! ;)

Congrats on your -2.3, but even more so, congrats on your mental breakthrough! So much of this is all in our heads and it sounds like you're in a great mind space.

Food Addict

Anna - Isn't it crazy and great how our bodies choose what foods are best for us when we're doing what's best for our bodies. And thanks for the support - I'm really excited!

Bee - thanks!! Crispers have their place in the world... but not for me on that day! haha!

Karen - thanks!!

G - thanks for visiting my blog. You are right - we can't let our journeys be about the scale. Just one week without obsessing I feel more free.

Danielle - you're right, the frame of mind plays a huge role. I have to say, I think I'm more excited about my mental breakthrough than my weight loss!!


That's a great lesson - I read recently somewhere about how people are much more successful making changes for health and bigger purpose than for vanity, so it's interesting to me to see someone being so motivated by the commitment to a half marathon (Wow! by the way).

Hope it continues to be what you need to pull you along on the right path without much struggle!

Food Addict

Sarah - Thanks for the motivation to keep moving with my training. It really is amazing how much a difference wanting to be healthy can make. If only I would have known this ten years ago!

Amber Raza

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