Growing Belly, Growing Goals

My entire life (or what seems like it) I've battled the scale - it's always about losing weight.

Now, all of a sudden, I have to be able to gain weight and be okay with it. The number on the scale is slowly increasing - 157, 158.9, 160.4. Depending on the day, I've gained 3-5 pounds since getting pregnant.

That 3-5 pounds is showing. I swear it's all packed on to my stomach. That's because I eat carbs morning, noon, and night to fight the so-called "baby barfs." Carbs go right to the stomach - the ever-growing stomach.

My goal for the first trimester is to only gain 5 pounds. That means I need to maintain my weight for the next four weeks. I don't even know if that's possible - I've never done this before!

To do that, I'm setting these smalls goals:
- Stay away from empty calories
- Try eating fruit when I can stomach it, instead of crackers & bread
- Work-out for 30 min. each weekday

What else can I do? I'm feeling lost and confused in this new world of pregnancy and weight-gain/maintain.




I am so glad you are blogging again and congratulations on the pregnancy. I hope the job is still going well and that your hubby was finally able to join you.

Those are great goals to have and sounds like your approach has changed (as it should!) to what's best for the baby, but still healthy for you.

Keep us posted as you progress. I really enjoy your writing and have missed you.


I can really relate. I feel like all I ate for the first 9 weeks was carbs....protein just didn't sound good, and forget fruits and veggies. I would eat anything that sounded good... which was not much!

I am almost 11 weeks and have gained about 2 lbs, so it's definitely possible. of course, I didn't keep much down, and now that my sickness is fading, I have to remind myself that the old carb stand-byes aren't going to work anymore!


Congrats on the pregnancy...I just stumbled upon your blog & enjoying it so far! I can feel my first trimester I was so, so sick that all I could eat was plain bagels & potatoes (I'm not kidding!)...but you're right, avoid the empty calories and fruit smoothies (that you make at home!) help with the sickness!

But it definitely "evens out" the next 2 trimesters. I ate really healthy (with the exception of some frozen yogurt sometimes!) and walked 3-5 miles EVERYDAY...the exercise really helps!

My "addiction" right now is also watching the new show Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition (Monday nights on ABC at 10pm/9c)...I just watched the trailers for monday's episode & it deals with food addiction...nice to see that covered on national TV!

Anyway, enjoying the blog & look forward to your pregnancy progress! Good luck!!

Radhika Sharma

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