Excuses, excuses

Let's face it - I'm good at cravings. I'm even better at writing binges off as "cravings." It's part of the food addiction... mentally justifying binges.

I haven't done that for months. Insert roadblock here. [Pregnancy]

Pregnant cravings are something I've always heard of - you hear the stories of pickles and ice cream, my cousin swears she had to have hot Cheetos everyday. Recently, those "cravings" I once had during my stints of extreme dieting have been coming back. It's like back when I wanted donuts while I was on a no-carb diet or I wanted frosting and teddy grams when I was doing low-calorie. They're not real cravings.

It's hard to explain. I guess it feels like I'm starting a diet tomorrow, and right now is my one chance to eat whatever I want and use the excuse that it's the very last day I'm eating poorly. Now, I feel like my unhealthy, addicted mind is telling me "You have an excuse - eat whatever you want!" I don't want to get back in that vicious cycle. Instead, I want to clear my mind of the bad habits I made in high school and have since broken.

I want my baby to be healthy and I want to be a healthy mom - both physically and mentally. That doesn't start tomorrow (like my past diets), it doesn't even start now, it started yesterday (or months ago when I started this blog) when I made the conscious decision to get healthy.

Even though it feels like I'm erasing my recent hard work because I'm gaining weight - I don't have to forget the progress I've made mentally. I don't have to forget how to eat well and I can keep saying no to drugs food.Photobucket



Oh I craved some very unhealthy stuff in my early pregnancies. But back then, with both, I was thin when I got pregnant and not as crazed with my eating as I seem to be now.

Dr. J

Congratulations!! Just gain an appropriate amount of weight. No eating for two, now! Maybe one and a quarter :-) Your child will have a better life because of the good choices you make now.


I just found your blog - what amazing timing! I am 13 weeks along and having a hard time finding a healthy "norm" between my typical cycles of compulsive eating and compulsive restricting/exercise. I will bookmark your blog... Best wishes!


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Another Step Forward

What I want to impress upon you is this - feed your body because that is feeding your baby! If it is hard, try to imagine your baby in your arms - would you deny her/ him food for any reason? No! You can always diet after baby is born, but you only have one chance to give Baby the nutrients needed to develop as healthily as possible.

That being said, I totally relate to that "night-before" feeling of being able to eat when pregnant! I think for me too I was subconsciously trying to "show" quicker because I have always really wanted to have a baby.

Do you have "What to Eat When You Are Expecting"? It's the companion book to "What To Expect When You Are Expecting." It draws out for you exactly how much of which nutrients you need and what to eat to get them. When I was pregnant, I actually made an Excel spreadsheet that was an empty grid with headers of each type of food I was supposed to eat and how many servings, and then as the day would go along I would mark off what I ate and which food catagory it fulfilled, so I could make sure I got what I, and more importantly Baby, needed. (Yeah, I know, it's a little over-the-top but I am pretty OCD and plus it really did make life easier.) So then even when I was going to eat something "naughty", I still tried to get the essential nutrients in. Just an idea.

Another Step Forward

One last thing, (well, two really) -
The "What To Eat When You Are Expecting" book also has a lot of good recipes in it.
And - I see your goal is to add two servings of fish. Please be sure to be very diligent about what you eat while prego because there are many different dangers in seafood - and some types of fish will even vary depending on where it is from.


I didn't find out I was pregnant until really late in the game but I craved all citrus like crazy! I was going to the grocery before work every day and buying like 2 oranges and 5 clemintines and tangerines if they had them. It was pretty funny.

Radhika Sharma

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