Department of Homeland SOCIETY

Okay, so forgive me, but this post will not be about food, weight loss, or anything of the like. Instead, it's a post about how stupid I am. It has to do with something that only a few people know - and because I can't get a hold of any of them, the venting is coming to you.

So I've been interviewing at TV stations to become an on-air personality.  Yesterday I had two interviews - I kicked butt in both.  Then one of the stations asked me to take a timed test.  I had one hour to answer questions about politics, the judicial system, and "current" events.  (I write "current" because they were like 60 years old - yes questions about MLK and Marxx.)  There was also a journalism ethics portion, along with writing.

I am so bad at test taking.  Ah, so bad.  Right when I opened the file I got overwhelmed... oh my gosh how can I do this in just one hour?  My brain instantly shut off.

After I had turned in my test at the one-hour mark, I took a moment to look over my answers.  Under 'What department did George Bush establish after 9/11' I wrote 'Department of Homeland SOCIETY.'  Society, people. SOCIETY!!  What if he really thinks that's what I think.  Like maybe this news director thinks I've been going my entire life calling the Dept. of Homeland Security, the Dept. of Homeland SOCIETY.  I'm embarrassed to say the least.  My brain was thinking 'security' but my fingers had something else in store.

So this is just for fun... for you to test your own poli-sci/history knowledge.  Can you imagine - a full grown adult taking a test?  Please.  Here are a few questions from the test.

- What is the FED?
- What countries did Bush name "The Axis of Evil?"
- Who was the first African American on the Supreme Court?
- Name the President of the U.S. Senate and Senate Minority leader.
- Name a news magazine other than "Time" or "Newsweek"
- How long is the term for U.S. Representative.
- Who was the last republican president before George W. Bush.

These are more fun: provide a one-word substitute for these phrases:
-at this point
-passed away
Photobucket-due to the fact that



Oh I could so not have done that test. I am not good with current events or politics or geography or any practical information! But I can do the word challenges:)

Cesca Peroni

That test sounds awful! Fingers crossed for you though. How did the other one go, where you didn't have to do the test?

How exciting if you become a TV personality! You can add YouTubes of yourself to your blog! Then your blog and you will really be famous :)



Oh goodness... I'm going to completely fail this, but try anyway! haha.
(I'll take the fact I'm Canadian living in NZ as an excuse for my lack of knowledge!)

1. Federal Ethics Department
2. Iraq, Iran & N Korea
3. Judge Joe Brown
4. No clue
5. Forbes
6. 4 years
7. Reagan

These are more fun: provide a one-word substitute for these phrases:
- Presently
- Deceased
- Commence
- Since

...feel better about your answers now? ;)
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Food Addict

karen - key word there "practical information!" I felt the test was totally ridiculous! haha!

Thanks Cesca, I hope something works out, anything!

Danielle - awesome job (especially not being from CA)! I totally blew the axis of evil... instead of N. Korea I wrote Afghanistan, I should have known that one.

Dr. J

I hope you get the job! You will be a lot more interesting than most of the too serious ones we have!


lol- I did know a few but not all of them- and that's why I stick to forensics ;)

I hope you did well, I'm sure they may laugh over it but realize you meant security. :)

Good luck!


I didn't know any of the politics questions - I'll use the excuse that I'm Canadian!!!

I have also been interviewing for jobs (in accounting) - and one of them gave me an 1.5 hr long test!!! I was freaking out too! I thought I did terrible, but I got the job!!! So good luck with yours! :)


Just realized I hadn't seen a post from you in awhile and was checking to see if I've missed one. Hope everything is o.k.


Anonymous Fat Girl

OMG girl I feel for ya, I am HORRIBLE at test taking. But I do consider myself pretty smart for the most part. What an unfair way to weed out job candidates!


If you are still up for the Fall Focus Challenge, you can sign up here!


Sounds like you had a bit of a hard time. Keep your chin up.

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