Triumph Over a Tub of Ice Cream

My days have been pretty much the same over the last week - snacking until I feel like I'm going to explode. Today it was the same old story. After lunch I grabbed a Klondike bar. It was good, but not crunchy and salty. For my crunchy/salty fix I needed something else. I returned to the cabinet for Doritos. After one lunch-sized bag I grabbed a second. My start-over day, my Monday was on the verge of turning into another binge-day.

So naturally, I returned to the kitchen with my mind full of thoughts of ice cream, caramel and chocolate sauce. I grabbed the tub of ice cream and put it on the counter. I then opened the fridge to grab the caramel on the bottom shelf. As I reached down something stopped me. [press play on clip below for soundtrack of the next moment... story continues below]

... something stronger than the urge to binge stopped me as I reached for the caramel. I dropped my arm, stood back up and turned toward the menacing ice cream. I grabbed it, but this time without the intention of eating it. Just as quickly as my day had turned upside down I threw the tub back into the freezer, tipping it as it fell over on top of the frozen steaks. I have defeated the ice cream, for now.  I can do this and not even some not-so-great ice cream can stop me.

Have you had a dun-dun-dun-duuunnnn moment recently?  Please tell me - I need all the inspiring power-moment stories I can get!Photobucket



Good for you!!!! When I threw away an unopened jar of peanut butter a couple of weeks ago, I felt amazingly right with the world. And powerful. Cue music.


Good girl! I managed to overcome the siren call of a box of Triscuits earlier this afternoon. When this half eaten box is gone, there will be no more in this house for awhile. I simply can't handle them right now.


Way to go! I know, too well, how tempting it can be. I sometimes feel like the ice cream, nutella, chips, etc. are calling out to me. Quite strange i know. And when i have the power to say NO, it's a great feeling.


Good for you! That's awesome!!

I've had a few little teeny triumphs. Like the fact that we've had 4 bags of mini Toblerone bars in the office over the past month or so - and I haven't had a single one. Not even when I took a couple home for the bf because I know he loves them. There are even two little bars in my purse that've been there for a week without me devouring them. For a girl who ate an entire bag of "fun sized" Bounty bars 3 months back, this is a pretty big accomplishment!

Now I just need to learn how to channel that will-power to fight off pb&j corn thins and banana chips!

Dr. J

Yes I have those moments constantly. They basically tell me that my giving free useful advice to people who don't want to be different because they just want to keep doing what they are doing and expect it to turn out differently makers me an idiot!

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