I am so sorry for going about a week and a half without posting.  The last several days have been a whirlwind of adventure.  At one point, I was actually too busy to weigh myself - imagine that, obsessed with the scale me couldn't find a few seconds to step on the scale.

I have a lot of great news to share:
1. I got the job!  Actually, I got two jobs.  I took the anchoring/reporting position that comes with a wardrobe allowance (yes, that's right - a wardrobe allowance)!  I'm moving in two weeks!
2. Still running hard!  Over the last two weeks my training has been lack-luster, but training all the same.  I've skipped two runs and a few cross-training workouts.  But I've aced every long run.
3. Remember how I got so busy I couldn't weigh myself?  Well, it paid off!  Last weigh-in I was 153 pounds!  I haven't been there in who-knows-how-long.
4. My hubby and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary!  We went to San Diego, Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm... it was awesome!  Perfect celebration for my perfect honey.  (By the way, this is why I couldn't respond to any of your comments or read any of your posts).
5. I'm joining the Fall Focus challenge!  I will post my goals tomorrow!




Congratulations on it all! Sounds like life is really good right now:)


Congratulations, on both the job and the weight loss!


Boy was I ever glad to see you pop up in my reader. Glad all is well and congratulations on the new job. I understand if you don't to answer this in the blog, but how far do you have to move? Are we talking 200 or 2,000 miles? Either way, a busy time for you. We'll try to keep you encouraged with your weight loss efforts!!


Congratulations! A wardrobe allowance sounds FABULOUS! I'm hoping to hear from a job soon as well!

Glad you had a good time in SD- that's where I live! :)


Congrats on the job! A wardrobe allowance and tha scale being down is a dreamy combination. I'm so happy for you!


Holy good news - wowser! So awesome.


Those are some GREAT reasons for not updating in a little while! ;)
Congrats on the new job, clothing allowance (!!!), training, anniversary and weight loss. Sounds like goodness all around.

Food Addict

Thanks everyone for the encouragement!
Sharon - it's about 1,000 miles away! Ahh!! Big change!

The Binge Diary

Congrats on all! Sounds like an awesome job!!!

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