Weighing the Consequences

For the first time in my life, I'm trying to jump off the diet bandwagon.  This week I didn't keep track of my calories - I didn't write a single thing down.  Instead, I tried a little thing called intuitive eating - listening to my body, instead of the weight loss gurus/gods/writers.

For me it's all about what I'm calling food consequences.
When I eat fried chicken it makes me feel... ugh.  The chicken sits in my stomach and I feel like I'm coated in oil.
When I eat salad I feel fresh - like the Fresh Express commercials with a pop of music and dancing.
When I eat a bite of chocolate I feel satisfied.
When I eat an entire bag of chocolates I feel sick.

Each time I grab something to eat I do just that - consider the consequences.

After grocery shopping I usually eat a snack on my way home.  After finishing yesterday's shopping trip I considered my options as I held a case of Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches, "body, do you want this sandwich right now or would you rather have cobbler when you get home?"  My body chose cobbler and I put the sandwiches back into the bag.  When I got home, I asked my body if it was ready for cobbler.  My body said it would rather exercise first and have See's Candy later.  So I skipped the cobbler and headed for the gym.  My cross training finished and my body told me it didn't want to go to See's Candy anymore.

Sometimes my body chooses the not-so-healthy option, but it's still not a problem.  My husband and I went out for dinner - usually I choose a salad loaded with chicken, fruits and nuts.  But this time my body just could not say 'no' to the BBQ Burger.  I ordered accordingly - without the bacon and BBQ sauce on the side.  I tuned into my body, letting my tummy make every decision for me as I took each bite.  About 2/3 the way through my body had had enough.  That was that - I wasn't full.  I wasn't deprived.  I wasn't hungry.  I was just content.  The food had played it's role in keeping me alive - nothing more, nothing less.Photobucket



That is awesome!!! I would love to be an intuitive eater someday.....I'm no where near there right now.


I used to think this idea would never work for me. But I actually reserved a book on it from the library to read more about the specifics. Not sure I would listen or what my body would say but I know several bloggers who swear by it.

The Binge Diary

I want to be an intuitive eater too! I'm assuming you read Geneen Roth? This is my new goal. Ahh where to begin when bingeing so often!?

Amber Raza

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