The Weight Box

When I was in junior high I asked my mom to buy a "weight box."  It's hard to believe that there was a time when I didn't know what a scale was called.  Now not only do I know what the little box that holds all my secrets is called, I am obsessed with it.  Obsessed.

Yesterday I made a list of goals as I started a 8 week summer challenge.  So far, the hardest goal to defeat was the one that looked the easiest - only weigh myself on Mondays.  This morning it took all I had to avoid digging through the bathroom cabinet to grab the scale that I hid yesterday.  I hurried to the kitchen and ate breakfast - because I cannot weigh myself after eating.

A couple years ago I read that it's best to weigh yourself everyday so you can keep track of where you are - what works and what doesn't.  Perfect excuse to continue my obsession.  But my mom hates that idea.  I've told her a hundred times about this article and she always tells me no, it's bad - the scale is my total undoing.  She'll explain how she'll be on a roll with exercise and healthy eating but when the scale doesn't reflect that she loses it.

My mom is probably right - that I shouldn't weigh ourselves everyday.  I can think of a billion times that I've reached 155 pounds and I just go crazy.  I start shoveling things into my mouth until I weigh 160 lbs. again.  Last week I put in some strong workouts on Monday and Tuesday.  On Wednesday the scale said I was 2 pounds heavier.  WHAT!?!?!??  Well, all I can say is I did not workout the rest of the week.

I don't want my whole life to revolve around what my scale tells me.  I'm pretty happy about the fact that I didn't weigh myself today... of course I'm still thinking about next Monday when I can, but at some point I hope to stop thinking about the stupid scale... and one day even forget what it's called :)



Sounds like you picked the perfect goal for yourself. Kudos on meeting it so far:) I weigh everyday. Have for as long as I can remember but am sure that is only as an adult. But I have certainly let the scale impact my mood in the past. Now I am much better about just seeing the number and not letting the emotions follow. One of my favorite bloggers opened my eyes to the idea that we can only control our actions and not the scale.


I also weigh myself every day. I use it as a guide for sure, but I don't let the actual number get me down. I know it's going to go up if I eat more for a day or two and go back down once I get back to eating normally.

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