The Versatile Award

I am so excited to have recieved the Versatile Blogger award! It comes from one of my favorite bloggers, Karen at Waisting Time! If you haven't yet, you must take a look around her blog. Her writing is smart, witting and inspirational! Thanks Karen for the award!

These are the award's rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs.
4. Let your nominees know about the award.

Here's the 7 things about me (and not about food!)
1. I love the fall. It's probably my favorite season - especially in Boston or Portland, Oregon.
2. I'm clincally OCD (which may have to be it's own blog at some point).
3. I adore pigs. If I had to choose a pet to have I would chose a pig. I think they are so cute!
4. I love the Disney channel. I could watch "The Suite Life" and "Wizards of Waverly Place" all day long.
5. I love pictures - pictures of everything, old and new.
6. Red is my color, but not my favorite color. I look best in it, but I think I like pink better.
7. I'm horrible at living in the present. I obcess about the future and past all the time.

I am still pretty new to the blogosphere and don't have a lot of blogs I read daily, yet! So I don't have quite 15 blogs to award The Versatile Award too, but I do have these favorites:
Diet Buddy Daily
The Right Fit
Confessions of a Recovering Compulsive Eater
The Binge Diary
Does the Blog Make Me Look Fat?
The Final Countdown
Adios, Fat Pants



You are very welcome:) I follow most of the blogs you listed and am going to check out the others right now.

Food Addict

There's a possibility I found most of them through you! I haven't been around for long! Thanks again!


Thanks!!!! :)


Thank you so much for the award! By the way I am also clinically diagnosed OCD. You're right, that's an entirely new BLOG... lol.

Food Addict

Anna - I've always thought that OCD plays a role in my bizarre relationship with food. OCD plays a role in just about everything I do - especially when I'm stressed!

And you're welcome - I love your blog! I thought of you when I was trying to run 1.5 miles today (I only made it to 1.2, but that's a lot for me! Hopefully tomorrow!)


Wow, thanks for the award. I'm way behind on blog reading, so I just saw this today!


Congratulations on the award!!

Food Addict

Thanks everyone! I enjoy all of your blogs, and am so happy I've found such a great support group on the blogosphere!

The Binge Diary

Thanks, love!!

By the way, I usually read your blog from my iphone and just got on my computer and saw the CUTE design. This is awesome!!!

Amber Raza

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