The Pie.

I'm about a dozen feet away from the most delicious pie I've ever tasted. There are four slices left, an estimated 2,760 calories. And guess who's guilty of putting the pie in the fridge? Me! I did it.

For the last week or so my husband has been bugging me to make a Marie Callender's pie from a copycat recipe my friend found online. Last week I decided I would make the pie on Monday to celebrate his 6 months clean (yay!).

All week long I've been prepping myself for the temptation. I decided I would eat one slice and let the leftovers sit in my fridge untouched! Yesterday was the day I had prepared myself for. I made the pie without licking the spoon or the bowel. I let the pie sit in the fridge for a full 4 hours before helping myself. I cut the pie into 6 even slices and slowly enjoyed every bite. Now, the hardest part - avoiding the temptation to eat the remaining four slices. So far, so good.

The slice I had last night was sinfully delicious and well worth it - now I'm trying to teach my body that it was enough. I didn't feel guilty when I ate the piece of pie last night. It's okay to eat a slice of pie, it's not okay to eat an entire pie. I want to know that anytime I want a single slice of pie I can have it. I just need to figure out how to only want pie (and other goodies) just once in awhile.

Now, I need to tell you about this pie. My husband and I discovered it at Marie Callender's two weeks ago. In a matter of four days we ate two full pies. I didn't think much of our pie binge until I told my friend about the delicious dessert. She found the aforementioned recipe and made her own.

This is the really crazy part - the day after our conversation she told me she made the pie. I immediately asked her if it was good. She told me she hadn't tasted it yet! What?! She seriously let an entire chocolate pie with Oreo crust sit in her fridge for more than one hour. She explained that it had to be refrigerated for 4 hours, but still, I have been known to eat things way before they're done cooling.

Now this story gets even more bizarre. The next day she brought more than half of the pie into work. She gave the leftover pieces to our co-workers. My jaw dropped. This pie sat in her fridge for more than 48 hours and she managed to eat less than half. I remembered asking myself, Why can't that be me? Why can't I do that?

Well, I want to do that. I want to be unaffected by food. I want to know something's delicious, but not feel like I must have it immediately. This is a great step - I went a week without making it, then I only ate one slice, and now I'm not even feeling like grabbing a slice. I hope this will help me mend my relationship with food. Stupid pie.



Dieters hate people like your friend - who may legitimately have wanted to share her pie before it went bad, not eliminating her temptation by giving it to others.

I want to be that person, too, and either reason is fine :D I have to not have those things in the house for the time being.

Food Addict

It would just be nice to not have a constant battle with the foods in my life! And don't get me wrong I typically can't have things like this pie in my house either. I'm trying to challenge myself with just this one thing, one tiny baby step at a time. I'm hoping it will help me pave the road for dealing with all foods at events, work, home, etc.

I've decided if I can't stand the temptation any longer, I will just throw it away!


I would obsess about that pie too! I can't make anything like that and have it around. It sounds way to fabulous! Isn't it amazing how some people are so unaffected by food?

Food Addict

Can you imagine what it would be like to be unaffected by food? I'm trying to pretend I'm that way, at least with this pie! Hoping it will start a trend...


I think what you're doing is good practice for "real life"! There are always going to be situations where there is yummy junk food and we don't want to always be compelled to eat it!!! That being said, I am still at the point where most things cannot be in the house. Certain things I'm okay with, but my favorite pie would definitely not be in my house! The worst is at parties where everyone is pigging out and I'm just sitting there trying to control myself and trying not to feel sorry for myself.

Food Addict

Carla, thanks for the encouragement. I like practicing for "real life." And I'm starting small - with just one pie - and so far I'm succeeding. However, a lot of my thoughts and concentration are zeroed in on the pie - I probably won't bring in a second temptation until I can stop thinking about the first!

You're right about parties - it's especially hard for me to watch my skinny friends eat a lot. I think they're eating like crap, so I guess that means I can. I want to eat one treat at a party and that be that. Hopefully it works out... eventually.

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