New Me, New Design

This is going to be a short post - I hope you all love my new blog design.  I was getting bored of the green 70s puke color!  This will be a little easier on the eyes!  Maddie over at 2xdesign did it!  I highly recommend her!  Thanks for stopping by - I promise I will have a posting tomorrow at the latest!



OMG I love, love, love it! So cute:)

Linda Pressman

This is great. The food looks a little too good, though!

Food Addict

I know... I'm craving the loaf of bread! I started to think about that this morning. But I've decided it's okay because the bell peppers and onions balance it all out!


Your blog is looking fabulous!!! I'm just catching up with reading your posts from the last few days...

The Binge Diary

I love the design. Will you email me and tell me about the design process with 2xdesign, the cost, etc?? How did you hear about them? I am thinking my blog looks so drab compared to this :)

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