Crampin' My Style

I usually know something's a problem when my husband notices it - this falls into that category.

A couple weeks ago I was complaining about, yes, the 20 pounds I want to lose when my husband interjected something along the lines of, "You throw all of your hard work away during a few days every month." I instantly knew he was talking about the week of my lovely visitor, "Mother Nature." I was kind of taken aback that he realized my calorie intake went so far up during the week of my period. I probably gain around 5 pounds during this awful week! It's hard though - and most of you probably understand - the cravings, the cramps - how do I not skip the gym and grab some chocolate? That's not a rhetorical question - seriously, how do I not skip the gym and grab some chocolate?

This week, the week, I'm trying to stay focused on my goals and not on my pain. On day three I've done pretty good- with eating well each day and exercising yesterday.

Usually, I grab a bag of DOVE chocolates the instant I feel any kind of pain. This week I'm realizing those DOVE chocolates don't actually help anything. In fact, most of the time I don't think I'm actually having a craving as I am making an excuse to eat poorly. I mean, seriously, does pizza really help anything?

As far as the exercise goes - this week I decided I would be easy on myself. Yesterday I went to the gym with the intention of walking uphill on the treadmill. It went so well that I put in some sprints and jog intervals after a half hour. And I was fine! Usually I am just too sick to even get out of bed, but after yesterday's workout my cramps have been really moderate! I've heard rumors that exercise helps with cramps - but usually I'm too sick to test out the theory. Maybe there is truth to it (although I've been eating a ridiculous number of ibuprofen so it's hard to say).

Sorry Mother Nature, you're not crampin' my style this month!




Sometimes it just sucks to be a woman:( But you are doing so great this month!

Food Addict

I know -it's awful! I always think "WHY ME!?" while my husband just walks around all month with no problems.

Thanks for the encouragement!


I find being super aware of the fact that it's *that week* helps as I try to be more conscious of what I'm eating and why. I'm also lucky in that I don't get horrific cramps and the ones I get usually only last about a day or so.
Exercise helps cramps the same way it helps headaches. Hard to even begin to believe when you're suffering the pain of them, but true. One thing I like to do when battling cramps is yoga. There are specific poses actually designed to help ease the pain of menstrual cramps! has a few poses to try out if you're feeling adventurous!

Food Addict

You ARE lucky! I would do just about anything to trade in five days of cramps for one. Thanks for the yoga poses - I will try them!

Amber Raza

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