Game Plan

This week has been unsuccessful to say the least!   It's been a tough week - 4 days down, with spotty eating and no exercising.  I still have three days left to turn this puppy around.  Unfortunately, the next three days will be kind of tricky because I'm going out of town

Today I told my mom I must have purposely sabotaged this week because I knew my long weekend at the end of this week would ruin anything I did anyway.  First, can I just say that's ridiculous thinking.  My mom said this, "It stinks to be out of control on vacation."  It's true - being "out of control" with my eating/exercise sucks!  It's the worst, not to mention when I go on vacation.  That's why I'm sharing my Friday-Sunday plan.  If I share this with you now, I'll have to be accountable later.

Friday - Leaving to California around 10 a.m.
That means I have time to work out in the morning.  It's going to be a hectic morning - I'm aiming for 1 hour, but if it doesn't happen I'll let myself slide with just 30 minutes.
I will pack lunch for my husband and I.
Dinner is going to be at one of my best friend's weddings.  I ordered chicken so it shouldn't be too bad, however I am going to skip the dinner roll.  (I've been carb-happy this week!)  Also, I'll decide on cake once I'm there.  If it's a flavor I love I'll have a few bites.  If not, I'll just skip it.

Saturday - Waking up in a hotel isn't going to be easy! (ugh!)
My hotel doesn't have a work-out room, so I won't get any exercise in this day.
Hotel breakfast usually includes some kind of cereal... that will be my plan.
Lunch on the road - ugh - my vote will be for Wendy's or some place that has salad
Dinner - fancy on the beach!  Again, I'll be ordering salad, grilled chicken, or shrimp

Sunday -
Morning run on the beach!  I hope this works out, I don't know if my husband will be okay with me ditching him at my uncle's house.  We'll see, cross your fingers for me.
Breakfast - I'm going to grab some NutriGrain bars for the road, I'll eat one this morning.
Lunch - at Universal Studios.  All I can hope for is salad or grilled chicken.
Dinner - on the way home - vote for salad.

Monday weigh-in might be kind of unfortunate, but I'm putting my best effort - NOW.  I'll let you know how it goes.  Just wishing, hoping, thinking and praying...




I just wrote a long reply and the internet ate it. Bugger.

You sound very prepared and in control. You'll be absolutely fine! And, remember, you do have to live life a little too, right? ;)

As long as you do what you can - order the healthier options, drink lots of water, grab some exercise when you can - the weekend will go by without much issue. And if Monday's weigh-in isn't fantastic? That's fine. You did what you could while still enjoying life. In the grand scheme of things, one week really isn't that major anyway. Just keep focused and get back into your routine when you're back home and settled on Monday.

You can do it!

Food Addict

Lame - sometimes the internet can be so obnoxious. I have such a love/hate relationship with technology.

You are right, I need to keep this week in perspective, it's just three little days of my life. The more I think about it, the more I realize this weekend will be a chance for me to practice everything I've been preaching - living life!

Thanks for the support!!


I so think I do that too! Some how get derailed when I know something is coming up where eating will be out of my control. Like this weekend. But here's to next week:)


Traveling and food issues can be so difficult... Have a good time while you're away :)


Wow, lot's of challenges in a short time period. Here's hoping for the best. We're all rooting for you.

Food Addict

Thanks for your support - I'll be blogging about how the weekend went. Your words definitely kept me going (I get comment updates on my phone... so just as I was about to eat something crazy - one of you commented - THANK YOU!!!)

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