An Apple a Day...

It's week 3 of the Summer Challenge and I have once again lost some weight!  In two weeks I've lost 5.4 pounds - 5.4 pounds.  A couple people have asked me how, and I've figured it out.

First let me tell you what it's not - it's not avoiding all snacks and sugar (this week alone I've had 2 slices of pie, 3 bites of frozen hot chocolate, 2 popsicles, crackers & cheese and a cinnamon roll). And my secret is definitely not getting to the gym everyday - only made it twice. It's not following all of my goals - I only kept one this week. In fact, my weight loss has nothing to do with my goals.

It has to do with something I read earlier this month, "If you’re not hungry enough to eat an apple, then you’re not hungry."

Snacking is my biggest downfall.  I get off work before noon - in the past I've headed to the cabinet for chips.  I usually devour a couple of the lunch-sized packages of Cheetos before making my lunch.  Lunch - because I'm just so hungry and can't stand to wait more than 30 seconds for food - would usually be nachos.  After lunch I have about 3 hours before my husband gets home.  In that time I traditionally watch TV while making cookies, brownies, or just munching on anything I could find - pudding, cheese & crackers, chips, popcorn, anything. My excuse for eating for 4 hours straight was first boredom, then it was that I was stressed, then it was "I don't know, but something is wrong." 

Over the last two weeks I've skipped my 4-hour long snacking.  Yes, I've had snacks - but not continuously.  Each time I've felt hungry I've walked into the kitchen and thought, "Am I hungry enough to eat an apple?"  I look at the bowl of apples - if I don't want one I leave the kitchen.  If I want one, I have a snack (not always an apple - but something healthier than chips.)

Cutting down my snacking is by far the biggest change I've made over the last two weeks and if apples are going to keep the doctor, dentist, snacking and five pounds away - I am in.Photobucket


Julie Lost and Found

Oh that's a good one!!! "If you’re not hungry enough to eat an apple, then you’re not hungry."

True! I cannot tell you how many times in my whole life back to even when I was a kid when I would say "I'm hungry" and someone would say "have an apple"...My response? "i don't want an apple". I wanted something more comforting.

And I like apples. I do.


OMG - so simple but so clearly a great idea! I had never heard this and since snacking is my downfall, need to put it into play for myself.

Great job!

Food Addict

Julie - you are right, apples are good, they're just not comforting.

Karen - it's amazing what a difference not snacking has made for me! I'm so glad I randomly came across the apple idea


What a great post! First of all, congratulations on your 5.4 pound loss!!
I know in a deep way the truth of what you're describing. If I've got "snacks" in the house, the fruit sits in the bowl and rots, but if I'm eating well, then I'll happily eat that apple.
Great reminder and great trick to really tune in to what is actual hunger.

Food Addict

Teresa - Having snacks in the house is dangerous (at least for me), but my husband insists... so I've been trying this apple trick.

and thanks! It's always great to have encouragement, it helps me get through each day!


Hi...just came across your blog. I read your about me page...I relate to many of the things you talked about...

I'm looking forward to being your newest follower :)

Food Addict

Hi Lisa, thanks for stopping by! Since you read my about me page, you know, I need all the help/support I can get! I'm going to check out your blog now - I love the title - no more diet drama - that's perfect, and sums up exactly how I feel about dieting and food!


I am linking to you sister.. what a fabulous blog and wonderful read.. just getting back into posting regularly myself... best of luck to you I LOVE the APPLE comment thats wonderful~

Food Addict

Honib1 - thanks for stopping by! I'm excited to check out your blog!

Amber Raza

That are really nice goal.I am totally agree with these sweet lines.


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