I'm not hungry, but I can't top thinking about eating.

I have no idea why. According to my Husband (NA member), I'm supposed to just write. Ahh.... write about what? I'm just trying to do everything I can to avoid stuffing more treats down my throat. Ah!

I have no idea what's giving me this feeling... am I avoiding something? Maybe just the everyday stresses of life? I'm not sure... just sitting here - thinking of food.

Ah, so much for writing. I need ice cream.



i know exactly where you are coming from. have been there, done that SOOOO many times. writing is helpful, but sometimes you just need to get out of the kitchen, leave your house, go get occupied with something else. that will give you some time to do what you said - to figure out if it is something else. more than likely, it is.


Oh I have been there too. And wrote about it as well. And also wondered why I feel that need to eat. Desire for food. I haven't found an answer yet.

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