"It's New, It's Wacky."

"It's New, It's Wacky." I actually said that outloud to myself just moments ago.

Here's why:

I am starving. Starving. (At least I got to this point, right?) I'm in the process of making lunch - I'm baking a tortilla and am going to cover it with refried beans, salad and tomatoes. Well, baking a tortilla can take a whopping 5 minutes - and I am hungry right now.

So I threw the tortilla in the oven and walked to the cabinet and grabbed a 90 cal. snack. When I finished that, I opened the fridge. There I grabbed a string cheese. Before opening the package, I threw it back down and said outloud, to myself, "I'm making lunch. I'm not going to eat this." This is where the post title comes in, I joked to myself (outloud), "It's new, it's wacky" I can wait for my lunch.

Whoop, whoop. One tiny little challenge down. (too bad I didn't make that decision before the first snack. Oh well, work in progress.)


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