Day 9 - Calories that Count

My mom says Weight Watchers stopped working for her when she figured out she could have 5 packages of MnM's as long as she didn't eat anything else all day.

1 packages of MnM's = 5 points
5 packages of MnM's = 25 points

Last week I didn't go over my calories once, but I wasn't necessarily eating healthy calories.  I was adding calories like a small bag of chips, ranch, or carbs.   By the time I started thinking about adding veggies, fruits, protein and calcium to my day I didn't have enough calories to do it.  That's why I'm setting a goal for week 2 of my 8 week plan.  My goal is to skip foods that only add calories to my diet - chips, toast, etc.  I will focus on adding five fruits and veggies, two milk servings, and one serving of protein.

Here's an example:

Whole Wheat English Muffin w/Jelly = 150 calories with no servings of fruits, veggies, milk, or protein
Slim Fast Shake (I make this out of the powder which requires milk, strawberries and a banana) =270 calories with 2 servings of fruit and 1 of milk

I know that's a lot more calories, but they're smartER calories.

I've heard you should try to have more veggies than fruits.  If I had that shake for breakfast I could focus on adding the vegetables throughout the rest of the day.

So here you have it:  Before I bite anything I'm going to ask myself if it will add calories that count!
Wish me luck - I have popcicles in the freezer that are looking pretty tasty about now.  (they are only 90 calories, maybe I'll stop by after I've reached my servings goals.)


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