New Year's Resolutions

I keep a journal… well I should say, I have a journal that I’ve written in a handful of times over the past two years. I’m writing in it so little that I have several years of resolutions in it.
2008 Goals:
-Weigh 140 pounds
-Dance again
-Reporting within 2 years
2009 Goals:
-Weigh 140 pounds
2010 Goals:
-Weigh 140 pounds
-Be on TV
Can you guys guess how much I want to weigh? At the beginning of this year I decided this was my year. This year, 2010, I would finally accomplish everything I’d ever dreamed of. Of the two goals on my 2010 list, I would consider the weight loss the easier of the two. Right? How though, has it been my goal for years – I mean years. That resolution dates back to 2000, at least.

In a month and a half I’ll write a new list of goals. As it stands now, as tradition, I’ll probably have to write weigh 140 pounds at the top. Then I’ll have another year to miss the mark. The vicious cycle will start again – and December 2011 I’ll be writing up another list – also starting with weigh 140 pounds.

I have an alternative plan – one I’ve never done. In a month and a half I’ll skip that goal – there will be no reason to write weigh 140 pounds because I will already weigh that amount.

There are still 39 days in this year. That is still enough to accomplish that stupid goal. I will cross it off the list. I am done with that ridiculous resolution – I will not lead my list with it for another year.

My New Year’s Resolution Resolution starts now.




I think that is a great idea. Why wait? You can accomplish a lot still in the time remaining before New Year's.


You go, girl! Bet you get it done by year end! Hope things are going well with the new job and the separation won't be too terribly much longer.


Yeah, I'm like you. I'm pretty sure my "lose weight" resolution has been going on since I was about two years old.


You can do it! I'm not sure what you weight now but if you are close you can definitely do it!

Right now My goal is to be under 199 by the end of the year :)

memoirs of this binge eating triathlete

I've gained and lost thr same 50 pounds I ought tro be giving it frequent flyer miles. I love you blog, thank you.

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