A Moment of Relief

I got to visit my husband this weekend! It was four weeks coming - I could not be happier! I'm back in my new "home" now, but this weekend was perfect. So perfect in fact, that I didn't need chocolate.

My honey and I were driving to my real home when he said, "Oh, we didn't get soda, can we stop by Walgreen's?" Of course I said yes, we turned around, and my brain instantly started thinking of what I would buy - MnMs or maybe Dove chocolates or crackers. Those thoughts were almost instantly followed by another thought - "I don't want those things." Amazing - a moment of relief from eating. I didn't need to eat anything because I was already ridiculously happy and nothing else would make me feel any better.

I guess I need to learn how to be happy without food, without my honey - just me.  I need to be able to be happy alone, I don't want to be alone, but I need to be happy with me.



The Binge Diary

Wow! Always remember that !!


Good for you- last night hubby wanted to go out for dinner but I made his favorite pasta dish instead. I subbed mine with a TON of peas and like 2 oz of pasta and was satisfied :)


Bravo - catching yourself in those kinds of thoughts & being able to pull away for perspective is a huge accomplishment - bravo!

I started a new support group on my blog for the holidays : No Gain Holidays


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