A Dressing Room Miracle

Let me start by saying SORRY! I have been so busy with finishing everything at one job and preparing for everything at another.. not to mention the packing, shopping and my husband's birthday party. It's been a crazy 2 weeks. When the transition is over, I'll be back and blogging/commenting my little heart away.

For my new job I need tons of blazers. Watch your local news - have you noticed that the ladies behind the anchor desk don't recycle outfits for weeks?  I only have about 6 blazers I bought in college (more about those in a minute).  All week I've been spending time at Ross, Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, Macys, Dillards, Burlington Coat Factory - you get the picture.

My first day on the blazer hunt was pretty unsuccessful.  I searched through the size 10 racks grabbing any suit I thought I could pull off.  With dozens of jackets in my hand I headed to the dressing room.  None of them worked.  For some reason I looked completely frumpy.  That's about the time I decided my new size must be 8. 

So back to the store floor in search of size 8 suits.  I waited in the dressing room line, grabbed the appropriate number for the amount of clothes I had, and then tried them on.  One by one, I realized even with the smaller size I was having the same problem - frump-fantastic. At this point I decided the problem wasn't the size, but just that I couldn't pull off the professional look.  I left the store completely defeated.

Day 2 of search:  I decided to try an even smaller size.  Yes, size 6.  Just for the record, I've never even attempted to fit into a size 6. Why try to fit into a size 6 if you can't fit into an 8? 

I went to the dressing room with a couple of 6's... already knowing they wouldn't fit.  First the suit jacket - the jacket pulled together just fine, no problem with the buttons, and it was on.  I looked at the second part of the 2-piece suit - the pants.  I thought, no way I'll be able to get those on.  I put the pants around my ankles, pulled them up and up and up.  My thunder thighs that usually keep 8s from reaching my waist didn't even put up a fight.  I zipped and buttoned with no problem. [insert tears of joy here]

Now to a complete miracle - I conquered a size 4.  Yes, a size 4.  It's only one of my 2-piece suits, but somehow I got it on.  I felt like America Ferrara in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.  (note: another size 4 I tried wouldn't even button, so it was lucky, but I'll take it!) *pictured on the left*

While being obsessed with the stalled scale I forgot to notice my increasingly baggy clothes.  The scale hasn't budged in weeks, but somehow the inches have.

As far as all my old suits go, I have to donate them.  They range in size from 10 - 14.  They're not even close to fitting.  *pictured on the right*




This made me smile:) Good for you!


That's amazing - congrats!

I'm trying to remember that, too... Weight does not necessarily equal success. (insert flashback of Andrew telling me I'll probably gain weight doing weight training and me smiling and saying "I know!")

Sounds like an amazing boost! How nice to have something like this remind you how well you're doing when the scale is being stubborn. ;)


That's sooo incredibly exciting! SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I felt the same way today, when i tried on a pair of cowboy boots that are mid-calf and they fitttt! so wonderful.


That's so wonderful!! How exciting! I bet that gave you a huge confidence boost (btw I also still feel I can't pull off the professional look!)

The Binge Diary

Wow! You must be on cloud nine! How did you do it? Ten words or less :)


CONGRATULATIONS GIRL! I'm cheering with you! My first suit ever was a size 18 and now I'm wearing a size 14- I can't wait till the day I am a single digit suit :)


AWESOME! I'm so very happy for you! That must be a great boost for your confidence, which will totally help you kick ass on the new job!!


Very cool indeed! The scale is but one measure of our success. I rely on my clothes more as they are the truth teller!


wow, good for you! great story!

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