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This week has been hard. It seems like making healthy choices is getting harder each day. I'm losing my mojo. I'm trying to remind myself why I don't want to binge all day long.

A reminder of why I need to stop eating all day long:
1. Reach my goal of 140 pounds
2. I don't want to feel bloated all day long
3. Want to have a healthy relationship with food
4. Want better relationship with food, to be able to teach my future kids how to eat well
5. Want to enjoy food, rather than just stuffing it in my mouth
6. Want to be healthy
7. Want to run a half-marathon


Cesca Peroni

We all have really tough days, but maybe in your list as well is that you wouldn't be able to do your half marathon training - which you are doing so well at - if you started binging again?

Sometimes it helps just to take some time out. Why not have the evening off, chill out, get a good night's sleep and come back to it in the morning?



Great list - if you have to read it 60 times - so be it. You know what to do and I know you can do it. Re-find the mojo - you ARE worth it and so is your body.

Food Addict

Cesca - you are right. It has already impacted my running... if I've been overeating I can feel it when I run. I need to remember that.

Drazil - Thanks. I decided to finally write it down so I could keep coming back to it.


List making can be so helpful especially when you're in the trenches of this journey. This weekend has been tough for me too. I haven't given in to the binge monster, but man is it hard!


Why is it that some days are so hard!? I think you have a great list and you should look at it several times during the day. Maybe post it wherever the food is? I say that because I finally wrote a list for myself and it is hidden away by my computer and I never eat at my computer so the list is not doing me any good! We can do this!!!

Dr. J

No one ever said it was easy, but those of us who get it done know the rewards are worth it!

Get into movement. When you want to binge, move!
If you can't do anything better, eat a low calorie, high volume food like air popped popcorn.


Your list is great and I'm a firm believer in the power of writing something down. I agree that printing and posting it in places of temptation does help. In the past, I have gone so far as to put duct tape on the door of my refrigerator and pantry.

Thanks for the award. I'll officially accept it on my blog in a day or so.


I feel like I've been losing it (not in a good way!) recently, too. Not that I've been awful or gone back to my old ways, but I feel like I'm not as committed as before? Or not working as hard as before? Maybe it's just starting to be easier because I"m getting used to it... but it's frustrating.

Keep reminding yourself of WHY you're doing what you're doing. You can do it!!!

Food Addict

Lisa - that lame binge monster! It reminds me of the weight watchers commercials that have that little monster running around going by the name "hunger."

Karen - I think when we are doing good, we forget that we can slip up... and don't prepare for it. Then when we're feeling binge-ie... we just start eating. I'm hoping this will be a step that will help me stay away from the cookies when they start calling!

Dr. J - thanks for the ideas! I do need to start just getting out and moving. It seems I eat the most when I'm sitting on the couch being lazy.

Sharon - I'm glad you've had success posting lists in places of temptation. In fact, I decided to officially make a list to post - as seen in this morning's post!

Danielle- I wish it was just getting easier. I feel like I'm walking backwards!! This journey is exactly that - FRUSTRATING!

Amber Raza

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