The Light at the End of the Tunnel

First, let me clarify - when I say 'light' I mean lighter in weight.  Yes - it's true, I, finally, after two weeks of gains, have lost weight!  154.2, my friends.  I am so excited I can hardly express it - this is the lowest I've weighed since my Atkins days (and literally I mean a few days) during my senior year of high school.

I have lost hundreds of pounds over the years - the only problem, they're the same 8 pounds over and over, and over again.  This number - 154.2 is just slightly lower than the bottom of my yo-yoing weight.  I have broken through the 155 barrier and I am planning to continue strong.

Let me tell you about this 155 barrier.  Usually, like what happened over the last couple weeks - I get to 155 and the gains start... and with the gains go my calorie-counting and exercising.  Within a matter of days I'm back up to 163.  The cycle has been going round and round for 10 years... but it ended this time.

This time everything was going according to plan - I lost weight, and on July 26th I hit 155.4 pounds.  I went on, like I always do.  One week later I gained a pound, gained.  This is where I changed up my ten-year routine.  Instead of giving up, I put in another week of eating well and exercising.  When the next weigh-in came around I came in at 157.2.  Another gain - almost a pound.  So at this point I had gained 1.8 pounds.  But still - somehow I pulled things together (you guys helped a ton!) and put in some work for another week.  This week, I lost 3 pounds breaking the barrier.  What's next?  I'm not really sure.  I usually don't make it this far.  I have a feeling that there are some smaller numbers coming, numbers that I don't even know what look like on the scale!  I can't wait for next week's weigh-in.

By the way - my goals, I followed through with almost all of them.  I exercised 4 times this week and kept a log of my food.  If you're interested just head over to the goals section of my blog!Photobucket



New low weights are so exciting! CONGRATULATIONS!!


Yay for you!!! Onward and downward:)


Great job! Seriously that scale tries to make you give up- I think it knows you are losing but is PURPOSELY showing higher numbers till it gives up. Good for you- you win!

Jenn Barley | The KickStart Coach

I always say that you get the ability to re-define normal -- and it looks like you just did. I love it. Congrats!


Woo hoo!!!
I think I needed to read this. I needed the reminder that even when I feel like I'm gaining a little weight every week, I need to stick to the plan. Keep up the exercise. Keep up the healthy eating. Just keep at it and keep at it and it'll pay off.
Congrats! :D


We are so close - I was at 152.5 this morning. We can do this! We've broken the 155 barrier - no more regaining. Let's encourage each other!


Good job!

Thanks for showing by example that continuing to play with the same pounds is a worthwhile goal!

Food Addict

Thanks everyone for your support!!! It really helps to know I have to be accountable and that you guys are rooting me on.

bee- you are definitely right, the scale has it out for us.

Danielle - just keep on going, if it can happen for me... it can happen for you!!

Sharon -- that is awesome! We are on our way... keep it going!

Amber Raza

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