+1 (pound)

Too bad I'm not talking about my guest to the wedding I went to this weekend.  Instead, I'm talking about the lovely scale.  I gained a pound.  This is probably the first time that I'm not upset about the gain.  I had an insane week - I spent three days on the road, eating out everyday, all day.  I had planned for it in this post.  Here's how things worked out:

Between Friday - Sunday I worked out once.  Luckily there was a gym at the hotel I stayed at.  I jogged/walked for 30 minutes on Friday after arriving at the hotel.
Friday Goals:
I made a goal to skip the dinner roll at the wedding reception.  I did just that!  Later my husband told me it was a marginal roll that was so hard he could hardly rip it apart.  I ate about half of the dinner.  The slice of wedding cake was tiny, I ate only about 2/3s of it - which was not very much.
Saturday Goals:
Breakfast in the hotel was cereal and fat free milk, as planned.  I also had a banana.  For lunch my hubby and I went to California Pizza Kitchen.  I skipped my regular pizza order for a salad, but my husband let me have one single slice.  I had some sunflower seeds while driving - probably not the best idea, but hey, it was better than the Frito's calling my name during the drive.  I made the worst choice of all at dinner - quesadilla at an authentic Mexican restaurant, along with chips to start.  However, I did not eat all of the chips - I stopped way before my entree arrived.  Plus, the eating ended when I was full!
Sunday Goals:
For breakfast I had 2 mini fruit parfaits at McDonalds - and I skipped on the hash brown that my husband apparently ordered for me.  At lunch my husband and I were in line at a place with fried chicken and philli cheese steak.  I pulled myself together to leave the line - and went to another shop with fresh sandwiches.  I had a veggie sandwich on homemade bread, it was delicious (and expensive - lame Universal Studios prices).  On the ride home I bought a pack of mnm's - I was craving them all week.  I bought just a small pack instead of the usual medium size pack I buy on road trips.  I didn't have dinner on Sunday.

As far as my Summer Focus goals - I failed every single one. This week will be much better - here's where I'm tracking those goals.

These are my goals for the upcoming week:
1 - Lose some weight - to lose my goal of 16 pounds I need to get back on track by losing 2 pounds this week.
2 - Working out 4 times a week is not that hard - I just need to do it.  I always push it back to the last four days of the week - but this week I'm going to get them done in the first four days.
3 - Keep 100% calories
4 - Weigh myself only on Monday
5 - Run at least 1.5 miles
6 - Remember to live life, for each post I will mention the moment I remembered to live life that day

Living Life Moment
Today I played battleship with my husband!  It was a blast - we were both fighting to be the Americans in a war scenario.  In fact at one point we both started signing USA Pride songs - pretty ridiculous.  I adore him.  And by the way, we tied!



OMG I gave in to M&Ms too this weekend! I ate so much crap I couldn't list it. Wouldn't list it! Yep, I regret it, but I am moving on. Let's make this a good week:)


maintaining weight while on the road is SO hard!! So one pound, in my book, is an excellent deal. I think you are right not to be upset about it - and chances are, it's water retention anyway as restaurant food is so salty. Good job!

Food Addict

Anna - I think I love you, I'm soo hoping you're right about the salty food.

Karen - I believe in us... this week will be a good one!


Haha how funny- I love playing silly games like that with my husband- we currently play Lego Harry Potter- it's fun cuz it's not too hard for me AND he can enjoy it with me :)

I agree it's probably mostly salt cuz IMO you didn't do bad at all! I'd probably have eaten double what you did! Love your blog btw :)


Geesh. Good for you. My goal for today, simple, drink more water stay away from those cookies!

Food Addict

beerab - I'll have to find that Lego Harry Potter game!! And thanks for the support... I'm really really hoping it was just salt!!!

Modern Mom - simple goals turn into big results!! My goal today - don't buy chocolate during my grocery shopping!

Amber Raza

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