Dying of Stress

I don't think I can really type up a coherent blog at the moment. I've been awake for 35 hours straight. Yesterday when I tried to sleep - I stressed instead. Yes, I got 20 minutes of sleep and 7 hours & 40 minutes of stressing.

I try counting 100 to 1. That doesn't work. I try to focus on breathing, that doesn't work. I try to write all the things I'm thinking about, that doesn't work.

What works for you? What helps you fall asleep when you have a zillion other things going on.

I'm exhausted now - I'm dizzy, and just found myself drooling. Gross. Apparently, I'm sleep-blogging. Sorry, it's a bad blog - I'm desperate for advice. I'll try anything (and I don't want to have to take a sleeping pill). I was planning to today, but the dizziness and drooling seem to be pretty good indicators that I'll be able to sleep.



Oh no! I hope you get some sleep soon. If I count, I have found that I have to do some version that takes more thought so I can't think about the stressful stuff. Like counting backwards. And on Dr. Oz I heard the suggestion of counting backwards by 3s from 300. I also sometimes try reading a very boring book.


Last May I received shocking news that I had endometrial cancer - and I was trying to have a baby and it was terrible, devastating, scary, just awful.

I had a terrible time sleeping and started to do a lot of things with calming routines and rituals and I learned a lot about meditation. The most useful to me were guided meditations because I really struggled to control my mind on my own. I bought an iPhone app that I love called "mindful" the guy has this really soothing voice and approach and it's in varying time periods of 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes. I usually did the 10 min version & then would drift off. On bad nights the 20 min version would play a few times. My husband knows them by heart.


I count down from a number and take a deep breath and actually sigh with each one. I think sighs are supposed to trigger 'relax' hormones.


Try foods that are supposed to help you sleep - like cherries. They are in season and low cal, so they won't destroy your diet! I take melatonin on nights I can't sleep... its not a sleeping pill persay, and it doesn't leave me comatose in the morning.

Good luck! Sleepless nights are the worst!


I googled it quickly, and msn has a short list of 5... they all seem like healthy options.

Food Addict

Thank you all so much for you comments. I am going to try to use everything you've suggested.

Sleepless nights really make life in general a lot harder - and guess what - a lot more stressful. I try to tell myself, if I think about this more right now, I'm going to be more stressed tomorrow.

Again, thanks for all of your suggestions - I'm sure something will work!

Food Addict

Sarah - thanks for sharing your story. I can not imagine going through something like that. My stressers pale in comparison, but I appreciate your help. Do you happen to know who the doctor/specialist behind the iPhone app is? I am going to try googling it to see if I can find something similar online. Thanks for your help!

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