I'd Like to Thank the Academy..

I got my first blogging award. I'm floored, seriously. Starting an annonymous blog isn't an easy task, especially when my blogging is a little spotty and unpredictable.

Instead of the academy, I'd really like to thank The Binge Diary. I absolutely adore her blog - it is honest and inspiring.

Now, on to the rules of this lovely award.

Rule 1 - Reveal seven things about myself and Rule 2 - pass the award along to seven bloggers I can't live without.

Here are the 7 things:
1 -I'm obsessed with moments in time. I've decided that's the best way to describe it - I love world and U.S. news and collect magazine covers. I also love keeping my personal history by way of a journal and scrapbook. I know, so nerdy.
2 -I love FRIENDS. There will never be another sitcom like it. Priceless, and dare I say - epic.
3 -I only like animals from afar. The smell, the hair, the slobber and teeth - I just can't help it. It's so hard for me to handle animals, I don't trust them.
4 -I'm turning out exactly like my parents, in my opinion it's a good thing.
5 -I think Justin Bieber is probably the cutest kid alive. As Tina Fey would say on SNL, "I don't know whether I want to marry him or put him in a stroller and push him around the mall."
6 -I love dancing.
7 -My husband is my best friend. My sister is my second best friend. My mom is my third best friend. Can you say lame?! But I love it.

And about those bloggers ... I only religiously follow 2 bloggers at this point - and one of them gave me this award! So I will have to look around, and I'll give you an update in the coming days.


The Binge Diary

Yay congrats again and keep on blogging while I am away at inpatient for the next 6-8 weeks!!! I look forward to catching up on your blog when I get back.

For some good blogs ti follow, see who I awarded the other awards to!

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