Just 90 Minutes

When I get home I sit down on my couch with lunch and turn on my DVR. I watch about an hour of shows and will sometimes throw in a movie. When I'm done with my lunch I head to the kitchen to grab another snack. It's a vicious cycle that lasts the entire 2 1/2 hours of time in front of the TV.

I would even go so far to call my watching TV a "trigger" to using (in other words, eating). Addicts have triggers -- whether it be a smoker lighting up every time they get in their car or an alcoholic heading to the bar because of a stressful day.

Today I'm starting with a challenge to get through the entire movie I jut popped in the DVD player without food. To be completely honest, as I wrote that last sentence I thought about what was in the kitchen cupboards. It was just a flash in my brain that started with watching a movie and ended with my eating popcorn. But I can't give in today. I will beat this, at least for the next 90 minutes.


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