Just for Today

"Just for Today I don't have to use again."
That comes from the Narcotics Anonymous program. I love it because it truly puts things into perspective - each day you make a choice. Today you cannot make choices for a year from now, or a month from now -- Today you chose what you will do today.

I am tweaking the phrase to Just for Today I can be healthy.

I get really overwhelmed when I put a number on my weight loss goal. Losing 15 pounds seems near impossible, so instead of focusing on what I want my end result to be, I'm going to focus on today.

Also, when I think ahead I derail myself because of upcoming plans. For instance, I have an Olive Garden lunch planned with a friend next Thursday... it's the perfect excuse to eat crappy from now until then. Instead, I need to plan to eat well today. By the time Thursday gets here, hopefully I can do the same.

Just for today I will stay within my calories goal.
Just for today I will go to the gym.
Just for today I will not go to bed feeling bloated.
Just for today I will not feel like crap.
Just for today I will be successful!


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