It's Just a Kiss

Just days after my last post (which, by the way I promise to be better about posting) I had started a new diet. It was going to be the time that I quit eating chocolate (among other things.)

On day 2 of my new diet, I was walking from the morning meeting at work when a co-worker offered me a chocolate kiss. I turned the offer down. That's when one of my good friends said, "It's just a kiss." Hmm -- yeah, but...

I am so addicted to food... for me "just a kiss" is like just a drink or just a hit.

One of the people I met in IOP - intensive outpatient - told the group she couldn't imagine not drinking ever again. She said her main goal was to stop drinking as a form of therapy, instead to only drink during social events.

I feel like that, except for with chocolate. How am I ever supposed to give chocolate up? I know in theory I should be able to eat just a kiss and move on with my day. For some reason I can't. For some reason if I eat just a kiss I need a bag of kisses, then I need chips, then I need a cake.

I have no control - and until I gain control I need to quit kisses.



Oh I understand. But I have far less self control than you, my friend.


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