An Inconvenient Truth

The good news - I'm not going to talk about climate change.  The bad news, no matter what I write about I'm heavier than I was this time last week!  AH!  Frustration.  I gained .8 pounds this week - and here's the kicker, I ate under my calories every day and exercised four times!!

When I told my husband about my gain he assured me I would see a weight loss next week saying, "Think of Biggest Loser - they always have weeks where they don't lose and then it's followed by a huge weight loss.  Or you're one of those people who are playing the game yelling, 'no Jillian I promise I didn't plan this.'"  Well, I'm not playing a game I assure you.

I'm frustrated for sure, but not defeated.  Last week was my first week on my new schedule of overnights and my body hasn't really adjusted just yet - especially, in the bathroom if you know what I mean.  I'm going to get a little personal here so just skip on if you don't want to read about me and my adventures in the bathroom.  I have only gone "number two" once this week!  What is with that - it's like my regularly schedule mid-afternoon visit to the bathroom was my only chance to go, and now I'm sleeping during that time.  I am really, really hoping that my gain is .8 pounds of you-know-what waiting to exit my body.  Any ideas on what I should do?  Has this happened to you? 

Here's a look at my goals this week (aside from visiting the bathroom more often) and how I did last week:
-Lose some stupid weight! (failed, gained .8)
-Work out a minimum of 4 times (success - for the first time this summer I worked out four times in one week!)
-Keep a list of calories each day (check - I did this perfectly!)
-Only weigh myself on Mondays (getting rid of this goal)
-Be able to run 5 miles (On track, ran 1.5 miles lastweek!)
-Live life in the present (Did a pretty good job last week, tried not to obsess too much about anything other than right now)




Haha- it's okay- I sometimes have what I call "poop watch" on my blog. I think that's part of the reason for my gain- my meds have made me constipated! I'm hoping it's the same thing. I read somewhere not going for two days can be up to 3 lbs of poop inside you.

My solution? FIBER IT UP! Eat ONE fiber one bar and watch it all come out. Or eat cup or two of cauliflower if you have no fiber one bars.

Good luck :)


I agree with Bee. Fiber. But you need to drink a lot of water too or it won't work. Can't go wrong with beans. The key, I believe, is to eat insoluble fiber. (The soluble kind is great for other things but the insoluble kind is what has to come back out, so to speak,) So look for that in ingredients. Good luck!!!

Food Addict

Bee - I think I love you, poop watch, that's amazing!! I sooo hope that there are three pounds of poop inside me, because that means I'm really not gaining at all! Thanks for the tip, I will grab some fiber one bars today. I don't know why, but cauliflower triggers my gag reflex.

Karen - I drink a ridiculous amount of water. I actually love water... at work alone I usually fill my 30 oz water bottle up three times. My problem must be fiber. Thanks for the tip about soluble fiber... I'll look for that. I'm actually going to do a quick google search right now - thanks!


Fiber, fiber, fiber. :)
Some awesome choices: beans, bran cereal, green peas, dried fruits (esp. figs, apricots, dates), raspberries, blackberries & strawberries, sweet corn, whole wheat almost anything, broccoli, apples... ie: lots of fruits, veg and whole grain.
I've probably watched too much TV, but I always think about Gillian McKeith and how she is convinced your poo reveals your overall health. It should be regular, good consistency (not too hard or soft) and have a minimal odour. If any of those things are off, there's something wrong with your diet - and I can usually figure out what when it happens to me. (Alcohol, too much red meat or gluten, usually!)
TMI? Possibly. haha. But it's definitely something I use to gauge my overall diet. If I'm having issues, I know I need to reexamine what I'm eating!
Give your body a few more days to adjust to your new schedule and I'm sure you'll be back to normal - and down a few pounds - soon. :)


Listen, I know all about poop problems! Both the constipation and the sharting end. Not pretty. For me, sometimes fiber just makes it worse. A really good run loosens things up (seriously) and lots and lots of water.

Jenn Barley | The KickStart Coach

Even though you gain .8 -- that is still success. It is about the big picture -- and realizing that your body is always in adjustment mode! Great job on the running! And in terms of changing the goal of only weighing on Mondays -- do you weigh more than once a day? Just wondering...

Food Addict

Danielle - that is too funny you think of Gillian McKeith, I was thinking of a segment Oprah did all about poop.

Anna - haha, sharting - poor girl. I ran all last week, but STILL no poop!

Jenn - thanks for the support. You are right when it comes to the big picture, I do need to keep in mind that our bodies are always changing! About the Monday weigh-in, I have been having a hard time only weighing in on Mondays. I've been weighing in at least twice, maybe three times a week. I know I shouldn't obsess over the scale, but I've been having a hard time not obsessing.

The Binge Diary

hmm i wish i knew what you did for a living! something with TV perhaps?

Amber Raza

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